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Enterprise PCB Design Software

In today’s connected world, electronic systems need to be designed in an interdisciplinary process that spans mechanical engineering and embedded software development.


CR-8000 – Advanced PCB Design Software

Zuken’s CR-8000 is the most advanced PCB design platform in the industry with architecture design and verification, multi-board PCB layout with MCAD integration, SI/PI analysis, and chip/package/board co-design. CR-8000 is for your most challenging PCB subsystem designs.

PCB Design Software – From Concept to Manufacturing

CR-8000’s end-to-end integrated design flow extends from initial system planning, where fundamental decisions are made about partitioning, component selection, form, fit and function of the product or system, through the creation of detailed schematics and layout of single and multi-board PCB systems, to manufacturing optimisation. A modular, object-oriented architecture ensures consistency of all data and versions from concept to production.

Building blocks

PCB system architecture design


Partition complex systems into multiple connected PCBs

IC package

Manage IC, package and PCB in one single environment

Data Management

Control releases, revisions, and configurations with integrated data management

System Planner: PCB System Architecture and Verificationhardware system architecture with CR-8000 System Planner

PCB System Architecture and Verification

CR-8000 System Planner is the industry’s only PCB system architecture design and verification tool that is fully integrated with detailed PCB and wire harness design. As products become more complex, optimizing the architecture is more critical than ever.

System Planner combines four disciplines into one design and analysis experience.

  • Design multi-board systems with imported MCAD enclosures.
  • Floor plan your design across multiple boards for optimal routing and connectivity.
  • Verify cost and weight targets with parametric analysis.
  • Move your design seamlessly to a detailed design.

System Circuit Engineering

The system-level circuit design capability of CR-8000 allows designers to view and optimise the entire electronic system as a whole. With integrated simulation and analysis tools, they can evaluate the system’s performance, signal integrity, current distribution and thermal characteristics. This helps identify and correct potential problems early on to ensure design integrity. In addition, CR-8000 provides powerful design rule checks to ensure that the design meets the specific requirements and standards of different manufacturing sites. These rules are configurable and can cover various aspects such as electrical, mechanical and manufacturing requirements.

System-level PCB design

Design Force Advance - Power IntegrityDesign Force Advance SI - Analysis Results Viewer

Signal, Power, and EMI Analysis

Today’s complex boards or multi-board systems require detailed planning and analysis.  With the products Design Force PI/EMI Advance and SI Advance, CR-8000 provides you with all the tools to build high-speed boards with integrated signal and power integrity analysis with pre-layout planning. Third-party integrations with Ansys and Keysight bring additional capabilities from the industry leaders.

PCB System Design

As product complexity grows, the physical layout of a printed circuit board must be considered in the context of the entire system. A PCB system design platform includes support for multi-board design and analysis, MCAD integration, and wire harness design. CR-8000 goes beyond to include chip/package/board co-design.

As companies move to Digital Engineering and model-based design processes, the need for a system design solution is critical. Detailed design teams will be handed a system for implementation, not a PCB. CR-8000 is built for system-level implementation.

Design Force: PCB System Design

Chip Package Board co-design

Integrated IC Package Design

Design Force offers an intuitive, integrated environment for designing single and multi-die packages for wire-bond, flip-chip, and high-density advanced packaging. Designers can start designs with early prototype input of chip and package data from the library, reuse data from IC layout tools, and take advantage of parametric wizards to streamline the creation of the system.

Redefining PCB Design with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an evolving and promising tool in the field of PCB design. Additionally, whether you’re a design veteran or a newcomer, AI offers many benefits that can make your life easier. However, it’s not without its challenges. As technology progresses, the only question is: Are you ready for the AI-driven future of PCB design?

AI in PCB Design : Redefining PCB Design with Artificial Intelligence

DS-CR: Engineering Library & Data Management

Engineering Data Management and PLM

PLM systems are typically not well equipped to manage electronic component libraries and work-in-process data required in the PCB detailed design process. Zuken’s DS-CR provides WIP design data management, design collaboration, project management, design re-use, “where-used” traceability, and much more.

DS-CR is also fully integrated with leading PLM systems for the manufacturing hand-off or component information synchronization.  Component information can be automatically synchronized with supply chain partners.

PCB Design for Manufacturing

DFM Center enables designers to handle the increasing complexity and diversity of today’s PCBs while ensuring high final product quality, and accurate outputs for the manufacturing processes. With a robust set of features for data preparation and embedded verification to ensure manufacturing specifications are met, DFM Center addresses the challenges of the manufacturing process.

PCB design for manufacturing (DFM)

CR-8000 Circuit DR-Navi - Engineering knowledge base

Engineering Knowledge Base

CR-8000 Circuit DR Navi helps design teams consolidate engineering expertise and PCB layout best practices into a central database integrated with the design process. With its comprehensive functionality it is particularly useful to communicate engineering intent and to provide guidance to new members of established design teams.

Wire Harness Design Support

As products get more complicated, the siloed approach to detailed design is missing the mark. As a consequence, wire harness pin assignments are frequently out of sync with the PCB. A system design approach including PCB, wire harness, and MCAD eliminates those common errors. Zuken embraces this approach by using a standard PCB manufacturing output, IPC-2581, to design the wire harness. Zuken’s E3.series imports IPC-2581 directly from CR-8000 eliminating design errors.

E3.series 2023 Release Screenshot