CMG suite 2023.10 cracked release

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CMG Suite also  is breaking various fields to simulate and model building and refinement advanced recovery processes by processing in parallel is. Some of these processes include the  actions and reactions of cross-disciplinary such as thermal effects, geochemistry, geomechanics and fluid phase behavior as well as hydraulic and search well named.


Computer Modelling Group 2023.10

  • Builder
  • cEDIT
  • Cloud
  • DataImporter
  • Documentation Browser
  • GEM
  • IMEX
  • Launcher
  • PyControl
  • Report
  • Results
  • WinProp
CMG’s superior technology continues to break new ground for capabilities — simulating the simple to the most advanced recovery processes
through a combination of easy-to-use model building workflows, state-of-the-art Performance Enhancement Technology
and cross-disciplinary multi-physics (e.g. thermal effects, geochemistry, geomechanics, fluid and phase behavior, wellbore
hydraulics and completions) required to accurately model recovery processes.

We are innovators combining science and technology with deep industry expertise to solve complex subsurface and surface challenges.

Our expertise spreads across a broad spectrum of energy workflows and our technology helps companies navigate the complex energy landscape and unlock value from their assets.

We are committed to research and development, consistently investing a considerable amount of our annual revenue back into advancing our products.

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Our Software :

Intelligent Optimization & Analysis Tool

CMOST leverages cutting-edge statistical analysis, machine learning, and impartial data interpretation to pinpoint the optimal reservoir solution.

Compositional & Unconventional Simulator

GEM is the leading reservoir simulation software for compositional, chemical, and unconventional Equation of State (EoS) based reservoir modelling.

Black Oil & Unconventional Simulator

IMEX is the leading black oil reservoir simulator for modelling primary, secondary, and tertiary oil recovery processes.

Integrated Reservoir & Production System Modelling

CoFlow is the industry’s first enterprise solution that allows reservoir and production engineers to truly collaborate on the same asset.

Thermal & Advanced Processes Simulator

STARS is the industry standard in thermal, chemical EOR, and other advanced processes.

Post-Processor: Visualization & Analysis

Results delivers state-of-the-art visualization and analysis capabilities to provide insight into reservoir characteristics, recovery processes, and reservoir performance.

Pre-Processor: Simulation Model Building

Builder is an interactive, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface which enables quick and efficient design and preparation of simulation models for all CMG simulators.

Fluid Property Characterization Tool

WinProp creates tuned fluid property descriptions for CMG simulators and black oil fluid property data