CADWorx Plant Professional 23 full cracked release

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Most Complete Range of Tools for Efficient Plant Design

A complete solution for the next generation of plant design and automation, CADWorx Plant Professional includes the most complete DWG file-based range of tools for effective plant design and offers unparalleled flexibility and collaboration.

CADWorx Plant Professional runs on AutoCAD or BricsCAD platform, providing a complete package with powerful and adaptive tools that enable quick and easy creation of fully intelligent 3D plant models.


Flexibility and Collaboration

The solution allows for quick and easy creation of fully intelligent 3D plant models. Because CADWorx models are AutoCAD- or BricsCAD-based, they offer unparalleled flexibility and collaboration.

Continuous Project Support

The CADWorx Professional bundles cover all key aspects of plant project execution supporting the user through the complete project execution lifecycle.

CAD Platform Options

Choose the CAD platform that suits your needs with options to purchase BricsCAD or AutoCAD as CAD platform of choice, providing full license flexibility for both subscription and perpetual licenses.

Hexagon’s CADWorx 23 Plant Design Suite Overview

With project profit margins narrowing and the landscape becoming increasingly more competitive, it is imperative that the workflows grow in efficiency to improve project performance.

Hexagon’s Asset Lifecycle Intelligence Division has unveiled the latest release of its flagship product, CADWorx 23 Plant Design Suite, a comprehensive solution that addresses the challenges faced by industries in computer-assisted design (CAD) and engineering (CAE). The suite enhances productivity through improved compatibility and optimised workflows.

The CADWorx Design Suite is a comprehensive software series for plant design that offers integrated intelligent drawing/database connectivity, advanced automation capabilities, and user-friendly drafting tools. This new release empowers engineers and designers with an optimised and efficient CAD experience, seamless compatibility and enhanced functionality.

Key Highlights of CADWorx 23 Plant Design Suite Include:

Unrivalled compatibility: The CADWorx Plant Design Suite allows users to immediately leverage the benefits and advancements of the latest CAD platforms without any delays and is fully integrated with BricsCAD® v23 and AutoCAD® 2023 and 2024.

Functional enhancements: various modules see significant improvements:

  • The 2D Representation module has been refactored, resulting in improved performance and stability
  • CADWorx Equipment introduces the capability to attach generic nozzles for more flexibility in equipment design and modelling

These enhancements empower engineers and designers to create more intricate and accurate designs that meet industry requirements.

Enhanced usability and configuration: this new release offers new capabilities to automate workflows further:

  • Users can now load configuration (CFG) files from the command line for Plant, Structure, Equipment and P&ID modules, streamlining setup and configuration for a more efficient workflow.
  • The CDR publishing options now support all CADWorx Equipment component type properties, enabling comprehensive 3D and BIM project publishing.
  • A new command line feature allows users to change the Bill of Materials (BOM) template across the CADWorx Plant Design suite, simplifying the configuration process.

Efficiency in design processes: 
responding to user feedback, this new release adds the ability to inherit process line numbers from PIDVIEW to Plant Modelling, reducing manual effort and ensuring design coherence. Additionally, the PIDVIEW module lets users insert components that match specific types and selected property values, to enhance productivity and accuracy.

Wally Elarusi, Product Owner, CADWorx, said: “In today’s competitive landscape, industries face numerous challenges when it comes to CAD design and engineering. This release of CADWorx 23 Plant Design Suite aims to deliver an enhanced CAD environment, addressing industry pain points and empowering engineers and designers with increased compatibility, stability, and optimised workflow capabilities.”

Peter Van Der Weijde, Vice President EMIA, Hexagon CADWorx and Analysis Solutions: “This new release fully reflects Hexagon’s customer-centric approach to development. Our customers are allowed to vote to prioritise features we should develop. As a result, we were able to incorporate new, high-value features, provide unrivalled compatibility and place a strong emphasis on responding to customer feedback and addressing bugs or issues promptly, across a large range of industries, for a more reliable and efficient experience.”  

CADWorx Plant Professional
Most complete range of tools for efficient plant design
• Intelligent 3D piping design
• Specification-driven design
• Efficient specification
• Dynamic pipe supports
• Detailed bill of materials
• Equipment library administration
• Ducting/cable trays
• Collision checking
• Isogen® isometrics
• Live database links
• Intelligent process diagrams
• Model/P&ID synchronization
• Links to stress analysis
• As-builts from point clouds
• CADWorx P&ID Professional
• CADWorx Structure Professional
Automatic isometrics
Isometrics drawings can be produced from piping layouts
or project databases. CADWorx Plant Professional includes
Isogen ® for automated isometric production.
Piping specifications
Ready-to-use specifications in metric and imperial formats
are included. The Specification Editor allows the creation
of parametrically-driven piping specifications. Import
utilities for Intergraph Smart ® Reference Data provide the
administrator with dozens of ready to use international
Database links
Users can create accurate, user-configurable bills of
material in the most popular database formats. The
optional live database links in CADWorx provide real-time
design status and valuable information backup to project
administrators who have a desire to improve accuracy and
efficiencies of their designers.
Equipment modeling
Powerful equipment modeling capabilities are included to
provide the most complete plant models. Designers can
link to PV Elite ® to import equipment into their CADWorx
Plant Professional models or jump start their PV Elite
designs by exporting from CADWorx Plant Professional.
Administrators can build their own libraries of equipment
to suit the needs of their industry and projects.
Walkthrough capabilities
CADWorx Design Review Professional is included for model
visualization and 3D design coordination with its powerful
collaboration utilities and markup tools.
Collision checking
CADWorx Clash Detection identifies conflicts in the current
model and against externally referenced files. Reserve
space for installation and usability of components so that
you can catch clashes in the 3D model environment, not in
the field. Options enable clashes to be reported at any time
during the design process.
Ducting and cable trays
HVAC ducting and cable tray routines are included. Square,
rectangular, round, and oval shapes, with transitions, are
Change management
Automated and intuitive routines make changing piping
sizes and specifications quick and easy.
Integration with analysis software
CADWorx Plant Professional includes CADWorx Structure
Professional for effective structural design and links to
CAESAR II ® for pipe stress analysis, PV Elite for equipment
analysis, and GT STRUDL® for structural analysis. This
allows the reuse of the 3D model components for a time-
saving and accuracy-improving workflow solution
Technical specifications
• AutoCAD®
• BricsCAD®
-compatible (Recommended)
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