Autodesk infoworks ICM 2024.5 cracked release

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InfoWorks ICM is an advanced integrated catchment modeling software.

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What’s New in this Version
This topic lists all the additions and improvements incorporated in InfoWorks ICM 2024.3 which were not available in previous versions.

There are no new features that require a database update to database version 2024.3 in order to access the feature.

Cloud capabilities
This release of InfoWorks ICM builds upon the cloud integration that started in version 2024.0.

Importing XPSWMM/XPStorm objects to InfoWorks networks
To improve the import of XPSWMM/XPStorm data, the following changes have been made when importing data from an XPX file to an InfoWorks network:
XPX Fill Areas are imported as Mesh level zone objects in ICM. The Elevation property is set to the imported value and the Vertex elevation type set to Always in the Vertices Editor in ICM.
XPX Head Velocity Points are imported as Network Results Point (2D) objects in ICM.
XPX Cross Sections are imported as ICM Cross section line objects.
XPX 1D/2D Interface Lines are imported as ICM General line objects.
A polygon, whose Default Area Type is set to Inactive in the XPX file, is now imported with its ICM Category property set to Imported XPX Inactive Area. Previously, it was set to Void.