ArtiosCAD Prime 18.1 already cracked

$ 160.00

Unrivaled in CAD design
for packaging & displays.

Unrivaled in structural packaging design

The world’s most popular structural design software for packaging, ArtiosCAD is designed to boost productivity for packaging professionals handling structural design, product development, virtual prototyping and manufacturing operations.


New: ArtiosCAD Preflight

ArtiosCAD 18.1 features an industry first: ArtiosCAD Preflight, quality control functionality for your structural designs.

ArtiosCAD Preflight helps packaging designers flag potential production issues in their structural designs before the files are released to estimating or production.

Resizable design templates

  • More new ECMA folding carton designs added to the Style Catalog
  • More new FEFCO corrugated designs added to the Style Catalog


Line type properties made easier

  • ‘Pin’ properties page for use while designing
  • Use a shortcut for easier access while designing


  • Concurrent pan and drag at the edge of the drafting window simplifies and speeds up designing.


3D folding made easier

  • Speed up common design tasks by saving multiple clicks and mouse movement
  • Simply double-click to fold 90° / -90°

3D viewing made easier

  • Save custom views for quick orientation of the design
  • Views are exported to 3D PDF to share with other stakeholders
3D views ACAD preview image

multi lingual image

Multilingual (UTF) support

Characters from different languages can be displayed with any language version of ArtiosCAD

Project Creator Support

  • Enterprise users defined as ‘Project Creator’ in WebCenter can create projects
  • Project Creators do not have to be Project Managers
  • Consistent behavior with WebCenter UI

One-up revision letter in manufacturing documents

  • Easily identify design revisions in the layout
  • File name labels now include revision letter
MFG lables new updates

Integration image

Integration support with
Menu Plug-In

  • Launch executables from within a custom menu option in ArtiosCAD
  • Pass document and metadata to the executable
  • No custom programming needed

Other enhancements

  • Bleed Tool
  • Stretch Point Tool
  • Increased the number of custom tool bars to 150 (system dependent)