MultiSeis Binning

$ 140.00

The Binning package is available as a licensed extension of the MultiSeis Project Manager & Quick QC.

It is very cost effective and specifically designed for ease and speed of use with optional viewing of coverage via a web browser.

multiseis project managerMultiSeis Binning Summary


Key Programme Features

  • Follows the UKOOA industry standards.
  • Simple, automated and seamless installation, updates and licensing via shore-side server.
  • Coverage from P1/90 or P1/11 (SPS coming soon) files.
  • Channel and shot edits independently entered or taken from the project manager production log.
  • Quick and easy manipulation of data.
  • Uniqueness fully catered for.
  • Versatile plotting – standard 3D and 4D, plus 4D source and delta plots. Additionally line count and flexed plots.
  • No area limits grid can be expanded to encompass additional surveys.
  • Line edits in individual vintages.
  • Pallets and zones can be manipulated post plotting.
  • Versatile co-ordinate viewing by seismic, project and geographical.
  • Extensive 4D views 4D standard, 4D Standard with base, 4D less hits, 4D more hits.

Unique, versatile and easy to use

A unique multi-platform (currently windows and Linux), easy to use, versatile and efficient binning package.

Very cost effective

Incorporates functionality from the existing Project Manager, helping to keep costs down.


Extensive functionality despite the price tag.

Replication shore-side

Synchronisation of data to a shore-side server gives opportunities for viewing and archive options through the MultiSeis Global Manager.

Broad base of appeal

Of use to oil companies, contractors and consultancies both for offshore and office personnel.