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A Digital Twin Platform to Design, Operate, and Automate Electrical Power System
Design, Operation, & Automation

ETAP 20 is built upon a Unified Digital Twin platform and offers an impressive set of innovative solutions from Design, Operation to Automation.

The new release includes time-saving electrical safety capabilities, advanced renewable energy modeling & simulation tools, leading-edge co-simulation technology, scripting based program automation, and model-driven real-time network management solutions plus hundreds of enhancements and improvements that are automatically added to the existing ETAP modules.

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Design Solutions


Arc Flash Auto-Evaluation

Automated Arc Flash Evaluation

Quickly evaluate arc flash incident energy during protection & coordination study with time-saving features that significantly reduce costly modifications and mitigation equipment.

  • Automated arc flash energy evaluation
    • Constant Energy Boundary Area – C-area plots
    • Arc Energy Damage Point – Arc-Resistant Switchgear (C37.20.7)
  • Risk analysis based on multiple operating conditions and current variation
  • Arc Flash Evaluation Rulebook
  • Automatically evaluate Line, Bus, and Load-side faults
  • Global filters for new IEEE 1584-2018 rules and special conditions

DC Arc Flash – Energy Subtraction Method

Design, Calculate & Evaluate Safety for DC Systems

High accuracy arc flash analysis to calculate the incident energy for direct current applications

  • Incident Energy Subtraction Method
  • DC Arc Flash Calculator batch analysis
  • Update ‘worst-case’ scenario from Result Analyzer to DataBlocks
  • DC arc current reference TCC plot


ETAP Electromagnetic Transients Program

Dedicated EMTP software for analysis of power system transients.

  • Switching transient
  • Insulation coordination
  • Lightning surges
  • Renewable energy generation
  • Sub-synchronous oscillations
  • FACTS and electronic converters


CoSimulation of Electromagnetic & Phasor Transients

Perform accurate and detailed multi-domain Phasor (RMS) and Electromagnetic transients (EMT) studies with ETAP Transient Stability and eMTP.

  • Single-domain or multiple-domain co-simulation
  • Watch your transient simulations in action with Live Charts for multiple components & variables
  • Simulate large networks in high-fidelity


Live Plots & Graphical Result Visualization

Get a live insight into the study results using PlotView, including user-configurable visualization and export capabilities

  • Live Plots overlay with previous study results
  • Embedded Live Plots on One-Line Diagram
  • Utilize with all major ETAP modules
  • Individual or Subplot views
  • Export to Excel, Zoom, Pan, Hairline Based Value Tracking and more


Scripting & Study Automation using Python

Feature-rich ETAP-Python API and IDE for creating and executing python scripts

  • Integration of ETAP and Python scripting language
  • API to batch run studies and generate output data reports
  • Run studies remotely and in parallel across machines
  • Built-in Python Script IDE or Editor

Dynamic Models

Dynamic Models using UDM or Manufacturer Black Box Modeling

Renewable Energy & Battery Storage Dynamic Models using User-Defined Dynamic Models (UDM) or Manufacturer Black Box Models (DLL)

  • WECC distributed and small PV plants generic model (PVD1)
  • WECC Energy Storage System Phase II Models – REGC_A, REEC_C, REPC_A
  • WECC 2nd Generation Type 3 & 4 Wind Turbine Models – WTGT_A, WTGAR_A, WTGPT_A, WTGTRQ_A
  • Solar Turbines Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)
  • CIGRE Gas Turbine and Steam Turbine in Combined Cycle Power Plants (Report 238)
  • User API to incorporate DLL based Dynamic Models
      Renewable - DC Load Flow

      Battery Energy Management

      Battery Charging & Discharging

      Lithium-Ion Storage and Battery Management System for Renewables, Microgrids, Railways, and more.

      • Lithium-Ion battery modeling
      • Battery charge & discharge control modes
      • Multiple battery State of Charge (SoC) categories
      • Battery operating mode based on voltage or power Generation
      • Utilize in Load Flow (AC, DC, Unified, Time Series) and eTraX modules

        Battery Parameter Estimation

        Estimate Battery Charge & Discharge Parameters

        Identify battery charging and discharging parameters, verify the maximum capability, validate performance, and select the most appropriate battery bank.

        • Lead-Acid and Lithium-Ion (multiple chemistries) battery types
        • Auto-update model parameters into battery library
        • Automatically recalculate battery characteristics
            Cable Sizing & Shock Protection

            NF C13-200 – Cable Sizing

            Ensure Compliance using Trusted Calculations

            Fast and accurate sizing and protection evaluation per the French standard for high voltage power cables.

            • Complete current carrying capacity calculation
            • Under-ground and Above-ground cable sizing
            • Display Correction Factors applied per cable using Cable Manager

              Short Circuit

              Faster Result Analysis & Project Deliverables

              Take the guesswork out of short circuit studies by automating the analysis of multiple simulation results and plots.

              • Update ‘worst-case’ Device Duty evaluation from Result Analyzer to component DataBlocks
              • Compare Device Duty results with equipment ratings in Result Analyzer
              • PlotView for IEC 61363 graphical results

                AC Arc Flash

                Reduce Risk, Improve Safety & Enforce Compliance

                Identify and analyze high-risk arc flash areas with greater flexibility by simulating and evaluating various mitigation methods.

                • Global & Individual typical data for enclosure editor
                • Arc-Flash Calculator enhancements
                • 1-Phase Arc-Flash “Worst-Case” Pole / Phase Identification


                Solution for AC & DC Railway Systems

                Improve the reliability of new and existing rail traction power systems from conceptual design to network planning and expansion.

                • Wayside Energy Storage with Battery Management System – BMS
                • Battery charging and discharging simulation
                • Graphical results and plot for STATCOM & BESS
                • PlotView for graphical results visualization


                  Data Exchange & Conversion Tools

                  Easily and automatically convert from legacy software and exchange data between third-party programs and ETAP.

                  • Latest built-in GIS import from CYME and Milsoft WindMil Map®
                  • Updated built-in import tool from SKM Power*Tools® 9.0
                  Engineering Libraries

                  Engineering Libraries

                  Verified & Validated Equipment Libraries

                  Industry-standard for the most comprehensive V&V engineering equipment libraries. The latest library updates are included with every release & available for download from ETAP HelpDesk.

                  • New Lithium-Ion Battery models
                  • Expanded Circuit Breaker and Relay models
                  • New Protective Device models
                  • Updated Reliability Failure Rate data
                  • Updated Cable Libraries per cable regulation types

                  ETAP Application

                  GIS & One-Line Diagram Foundations

                  Time-saving enhancements and new graphical features to increase performance and improve overall application responsiveness.

                  • Project & Study Wizard Toolbar
                  • AutoComplete Search
                  • Full-Screen Mode
                  • New Installation Framework
                  • Updated SAP Crystal Report (v25), MongoDB 4.2 & SQLCE 4.0
                  • Support for MS Windows Server 2019

                  Operation Solutions



                  Centralized Web-Based Protection & Asset Management

                  Solution for relay settings change management to manage location, information, and settings throughout the lifecycle of protective relays and substation assets.

                  • Increased data quality and access management
                  • Automatic processing and relay settings file generation
                  • Protection setting sync between a physical relay and ETAP Star PDC
                  • Integrated with Advanced Fault Analysis System, AFAS


                  Operator Training Simulator

                  Improve and augment operator / dispatcher training for electrical systems through real-world practical learning and supports decision-making via “what-if” simulations for steady-state and dynamic system conditions.

                  • ETAP-in-the-Loop system simulation
                  • Training Simulator for SCADA, PMS, EMS, ILS, DMS, and OMS
                  • Instructor to multi-trainee environment with Ad hoc and pre-defined scenarios
                  • Evaluation of trainee performance and continuous learning environment
                  Advanced Fault Analysis System

                  Advanced Fault Analysis System

                  Accurate Fault Location & Outage Management

                  Operational and decision-support analysis software to accurately simulate fault transients of distribution systems to improve fault location accuracy.

                  • Fault information retrieval – COMTRADE
                  • Fault type, impedance, and location identification
                  • Phasor and Frequency estimation
                  • Graphical visualization and reporting or fault location
                  • Integrates with eProtect and OMS

                  Automation Solutions

                  Microgrid Control

                  µGrid Controller

                  Model-Driven Microgrid Management & Control System

                  An integrated model-driven design software and control hardware solution to develop, simulate, optimize, validate, and control microgrids.

                  • Generation Optimization
                  • Generation and Load Forecasting
                  • Grid Power Interchange Control
                  • Black start and system restoration
                  • Islanding Management
                  • Optimize, tune, and hot-swap logic
                  • Control validation via real-time simulation


                  Power Plant Controller

                  Model-driven renewable power plant control and management with SCADA visualization, predictive analysis, optimization and forecasting.

                  • Design and operate to balance Grid Code Compliance and power plant performance
                  • Active power, reactive, and energy storage management
                  • Intelligent and centralized renewable farm control
                  • Renewable energy SCADA and dashboards

                  Cloud & Mobile Solutions

                  Network Project Modeling & Management


                  Network Project Modeling & Management

                  Shorten project delivery time, improve design quality, and increase project efficiency using the latest features of the NetPM platform.

                  • Collaborative GIS model management
                  • Efficient queue management for graphics
                  • Data Undo using local queue
                  etapAPP 3.0

                  etapAPP 4.0

                  Mobile Field Data Collection & Synchronization

                  Increase accessibility to ETAP projects for data collection and verification with the updated version of etapAPP™, a tablet application made for field engineers.

                  • Pin favorite data fields and properties
                  • Element disconnect capability
                  • Enhanced One-Line Diagram editing
                  • Improved Geo-tagging, Zoom, and equipment search tools