CODE V 2023.03 cracked version

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CODE V is used to model, analyze, optimize, and provide fabrication support for the development of optical systems with diverse applications. It provides a powerful, yet easy-to-use toolkit of optical techniques and calculations.


CODE V Improves Optical Design Workflows and Efficiency

CODE V – Improving Optical Design Workflows & Efficiency

The latest features in CODE V 2023.03 enhance workflow from surface input through design export, including the SagFit tool, which converts & fits surfaces with greater speed & intuitive ease than ever before, improving optimization assistance & increasing design speed. Enhanced compatibility with LightTools makes simulating optical systems with imaging & non-imaging elements a breeze. Read on to find out how you can improve your productivity & design optical systems faster with the latest CODE V features.

Introducing the New SagFit Tool

When using measured sag data & CAD surfaces, the new SagFit tool can be used to fit the surfaces to native CODE V surfaces. Native CODE V surfaces provide additional flexibility & control for optimizing your designs. Here’s how it operates in three simple steps:

– Open a file containing sag data or an existing surface in your current lens for the fitting process.
– Select the type of surface you’d like to fit and define it.
– Use the SagFit tool to convert & fit the surface faster & more intuitively than before, providing better optimization assistance & increasing design efficiency.

Improving Design Workflow & Boosting Productivity with CODE V 2023

CODE V 2023 offers improved workflows from surface input through to design export, with the SagFit tool converting & fitting surfaces faster & more intuitively. This provides better optimization guidance & increases design speed. Furthermore, enhanced compatibility with LightTools enables easier simulation of optical systems containing imaging & non-imaging components, allowing you to more efficiently design optical systems.

The New SagFit tool in CODE V 2023 enables you to quickly convert & fit surfaces, providing greater flexibility & control over design optimization.