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Inpho software is designed to precisely transform aerial images into consistent and accurate point clouds and surface models, orthophoto mosaics and digitized 3D features using state-of-the-art photogrammetry techniques. Its modules can be used as a complete system or as individual components which integrate easily into any photogrammetric production workflow.


Rigorous theory, mathematical modeling, workflow automation and sophisticated software engineering ensure the highest standard of photogrammetric accuracy and productivity. With thousands of implementations, Inpho software is in use globally to standardize and enhance image data for national mapping, forestry, agriculture, mining, utility and energy, urban development, defense and disaster response.

State-of-the-art camera calibration, adjustment and aerial triangulation for image blocks of any size, overlap or geometry.

Precise aerial image triangulation with exceptional performance

  • Geo-reference blocks of aerial imagery based on the advanced and unique image processing algorithms for both line and, optionally, pushbroom sensor data
  • Fully automated processing even for large projects
  • Processing is independent of flight geometry and supports completely arbitrary flight patterns
  • Automatically extract tie points in frame images at optimal locations using multi-ray image matching
  • Measure or verify control and tie points, guided by graphical block analysis
  • Orient image blocks using proven bundle block adjustment and quality control tools
  • Rigorous GPS and IMU data support, including calibration of boresight misalignment and shift and drift corrections
Reconstruct the image orientation for image blocks of any shape and overlap using advanced mathematical modeling and adjustment techniques

  • Advanced adjustment engine with full GPS and IMU support, shift and drift correction, self-calibration and effective multi-phase blunder detection
  • Complete statistical information including variance components, precision, internal & external reliability measures, among others
  • Excellent interactive graphical analysis capabilities combining traditional views (vectors, ellipses) with alternative visualizations such as “traffic lights” to simplify data inspection and quality control
  • The flexible and configurable adjustment engine includes full GNSS and IMU support
  • Calibrate lens and image plane parameters of aerial frame cameras

Orthophoto Production:

Master orthophoto creation and mosaicking of digital aerial or satellite imagery.

Professional software for high-quality ortho-rectification of digital aerial or satellite imagery generating true orthophotos for both single images and complete image blocks.

  • Ensure digital aerial or satellite imagery with constant scale using orientation and digital terrain models as source data
  • Derive DTMs directly from arbitrarily distributed XYZ point cloud data and breaklines
  • Effectively eliminate the relief displacements by intersecting 3D object data with the basic DTM
  • Fully automatic differential rectification, or when no DTM is available, rectification onto a plane
  • Optimized for automated, high-performance orthophoto production using state-of-the-art multi-threading and distributed processing
  • In combination with OrthoVista, OrthoMaster is able to generate true orthomosaics, in which all man-made 3D objects are presented in their true locations, without disturbing relief displacements
Adjust and combine thousands of orthophotos from any source into perfect, seamless, color-balanced and geometrically correct orthomosaics without any subdivision.

  • Compute radiometric adjustments that compensate for a wide range of visual effects within individual images, such as intensity, hot spots, lens vignetting, brightness or color variations
  • Automate key ortho-mosaicking functions to improve the efficiency, quality and profitability of digital orthophoto mosaic production
  • Detect seamlines automatically and detect man-made objects without manual intervention, providing high-quality mosaics even in urban areas and reducing manual seamline editing. Should interactive seamline editing be necessary, a manual seam editor is provided

Data Capture
Transform image blocks into 3D attributes, features and models.

Automatically create digital terrain and surface models from aerial or satellite image blocks.

  • Acquire very dense point clouds and high quality surface models directly from stereo imagery using image matching techniques
  • Advanced multi-image matching creates point clouds as dense as one point per pixel at a lower cost than aerial laser scanning
  • Point clouds from image matching provide excellent results for orthophoto generation and city modeling applications
  • Remove non-ground objects and achieve bare earth digital terrain models (DTMs) using robust filter methods
  • Expand production capabilities using state-of-the-art multi-threading and distributed processing
Summit Evolution
Digital photogrammetric stereo workstation to collect 3D features directly into ArcGIS, AutoCAD or MicroStation.

  • Feature collection from aerial frame and pushbroom, close-range, satellite, IFSAR, LiDAR intensity and orthophoto imagery
  • Superimpose collected or imported vector data directly onto stereo models for effective and efficient interactive mapping, change detection and GIS updates
  • Improve result quality with routines for data generalization, checking and automatic line editing and batch map editing
  • Roam seamlessly through projects of any size using a project-based environment for oriented image blocks

Summit Evolution is a trademark of DAT/EM Systems International 


Surface and Terrain Modeling
Comprehensive modeling of unlimited laser scanning or image matching points including filtering, visualization, editing and analysis.


Powerful digital terrain, surface model and LiDAR editing station.

  • Easily handle efficient checking, editing and classification of huge DTM and LiDAR projects consisting of billions of points using a tiled data structure
  • Visualize and quality control data using excellent monoscopic or stereoscopic tools
  • Underlay DTM data with thousands of orthophotos or complete blocks of aerial stereo photographs
  • Expand capabilities using the Inpho DTM Extension for fast point cloud filtering, gap filling and mapping-grade contouring
Efficiently process hundreds of millions of DTM points with unsurpassed quality of interpolation, filtering, management, application and visualization.

  • Utilizes an integrated database system well-suited to managing very large DTM projects, up to nation-wide DTMs
  • Efficient hybrid DTM data structure and flexible, advanced interpolation guarantees rigorous consideration of break lines and qualified data filtering
  • Numerous DTM applications are covered, such contouring, hill-shading, profiling, volume calculations, or slope analysis
  • Work with points from LiDAR, photogrammetry or other sources
  • Automatically filters airborne laser scanning to classify a raw point cloud into terrain and off-terrain points and effectively extracts true ground points for further DTM processing
  • Address contouring, hill-shading, profiling, volume calculations, or slope analysis

SCOP++ is a joint trademark of Trimble and Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Technical University Vienna