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Pix4Dmapper: Professional photogrammetry software

Pix4Dmapper turns your images into highly precise, georeferenced 2D maps and 3D models. They’re customizable, timely, and complement a wide range of applications and software.


Create measurable and georeferenced data of accident or crime scenes, purely from images.

3D point clouds, digital surface models, and orthomosaics are saved for direct analysis in Pix4D software, then exportable to work with in forensic software or be shown as evidence in and safe data acquisition

Fast and Safe Data Acquisition  

Pix4D technology allows for fast
data capture and non-invasive
scene documentation, using any handheld
camera or drone.

Image Evidence Reserve - Pix4DImage Evidence Reserve

Store collected data from
one event with the ability to access
each pixel and each image
used to construct the 3D point cloud
in Pix4D’s unique rayCloud editor

measurable Data - Pix4D

Measurable Data

Data can be georeferenced, down to each
3D point in the point cloud. Measure directly
in the 3D model and in the original images
used to construct the 3D point cloud
used to construct it. Detect changes
between scenes over time.