OMICRON Test Universe 3.10

$ 190.00

OMICRON’s commitment to innovation is also found in its powerful Test Universe software suite designed to control CMC test sets from a PC. The OMICRON Test Universe functionality includes.


Manual Testing

Convenient PC controlled manual testing

Quick PC controlled manual testing is easy with the QuickCMC module, by setting the voltage and current values, phase angles, frequencies, etc., either numerically or in the vector diagram. Additionally this module performs standard power system calculations, allowing the entering of the settings in sequence components, power values, impedances, etc. The module displays the binary input signals and performs time measurements. Together with the step and ramp function, thresholds such as pick-up values can be determined.

IEC 61850 Client/Server

IEC 61850 Client/Server module

The IEC 61850 Client/Server module enables testing the SCADA communication during protection testing. Correct testing of communication has never been easier. Additionally, the module provides an easy and secure way to automatically set an IED to test mode and to reset it to its original state after the test. The testing modes ensure that outputs will not be activated and that the tested device does not send any confusing information to the control center during the test process. Testers can control the IED modes (test, test/blocked, off, on, on/blocked) very easily and prepare the IED for the testing procedure.

Offered with Test Universe Version 3.10 it makes the Test Universe software a client that directly communicates with the IEDs working as servers. Thus, Test Universe can access the entire data model of an IED and read it for protection testing.

The module operates stand-alone and switches each setting value safely. It includes all functions necessary to access an IED and to test its communication. Different settings according to particular testing requirements can be embedded at the relevant place, and as often as needed, in OCC testing processes created and controlled by Test Universe. The module is always self-contained wherever it is placed within an OCC-document.

The Client/Server module provides the following features

  • Access each IED via Ethernet directly and securely
  • Retrieve and store Reports from the IED
  • Load the IED’s data model and use it for protection testing
  • Prepare the complete test and assessment procedure
  • Execute automated protection testing with the focus on intended IED response
  • Handle IED modes easily and clearly
  • Reset the IED to its original operating mode after test
  • Generate reports, assessment and documentation automatically
  • Quick, automated, reliable and secure testing of IEDs and SCADA communication
Optimized Software Modules

Testing with software modules optimized for specific test object functions

Besides PC controlled manual testing, OMICRON’s Test Universe software provides a variety of automated testing possibilities in dedicated modules especially designed for individual test object functions, e.g. for testing overcurrent relays, distance relays, or differential relays. In these modules, a specific graphic representation of the protection device’s characteristic (I/t diagram, impedance plane, etc.) allows the graphical definition of test specifications as well as the visualization of the test results directly in the relay’s characteristic diagram.

General Functionality

Generic testing allowing the creation of tests for special requirements

For creating and performing special tests not covered by the function related modules, the Test Universe software also comprises generic test modules.

Such tests for instance can be sequences of output states

  • controlled by time or the reaction of the relay under test with assessments based on time measurements
  • linear or pulsed ramping of electrical quantities with assessment based on the level of starting or resetting

Besides the generic test modules OMICRON offers a wide variety of additional software that works with the CMC test sets (e.g. IEC 61850 testing solutions, network simulation software, scheme testing tools, etc.).

Automatic Reporting

Each module provides a fully formatted test report.

All test modules of the Test Universe software have a common element – the reporting function: Each module provides a fully formatted test report. Depending on the module the results come from, data is entered in tabular and/or graphical form. If several modules are used within the OCC to comprise a test, each module adds its specific piece of data to the overall report. After testing is finished, test results and assessments are entered automatically to complete the report. Reports can easily be printed, saved on file or in a database, or exported to standard office applications using Rich Text Format (RTF) and TXT format.

Customizing test reports based on individual requirements is easy. The visible content of test reports can be defined independently from the recorded data, by just selecting or deselecting items from the list. Recorded data will always remain available, regardless of whether the user chooses to include them in the reports. Defined report settings are quickly and easily generated, saved with a form name, and reloaded at a later time; company specific elements like logos etc., can easily be included.

OMICRON Control Center

Combining test modules in test plans for fully automated testing (OCC)

In order to test the many functions of digital relays, the OMICRON Control Center (OCC) allows the combination of individual testing functions into an overall test plan. When performing a test, each embedded function will be executed sequentially and an overall test report including the results of all the functions tested is created automatically.

Since the test documents hold the complete test specification – i.e. the nominal behavior (settings) of the test object, the tolerances and the test points, with which this shall be verified – such a document is the basis for the repetition of the same test at a later time by reloading it, clearing the results of the previous test, replaying the test plan and saving the new results. Thereby tests, which have been created once, can be repeated for maintenance testing. This assures a constant testing quality and the possibility for direct comparison of results, also saving time when performing routine tests.

CM Engine

CM Engine Programming Interface

For special applications, the programming interface CM Engine allows users of CMC test sets to write their own programs. Thus, specific test and control requirements can be met, such as factory tests as performed by protection relay manufacturers.

The programs can be written in one of the common programming languages such as C/C++, Visual Basic, C#, or LabView. It is also possible to control the CMC test hardware from thirdparty applications (like Microsoft Excel) that support Microsoft Automation.

Protection Testing Library

Using predefined test templates provided by OMICRON (PTL)

The OMICRON software technology including the OMICRON Control Center, XRIO, and LinkToXRIO enables users to create specific test templates which adapt automatically to the actual relay settings. This functionality is the technological basis of the Protection Testing Library (PTL), a comprehensive test template library for a wide range of protection relays. Using the PTL allows considerable time savings as test plans and nominal characteristics do not have to be created from scratch.

PTL’s test templates contain complete test plans for all important protection functions, XRIO Converters and parameter import filters. The XRIO Converters model the protection characteristics and tolerances (e.g., impedance zones, I/t diagram shape, etc.) based on the parameters and technical data documented in the manual of the protection device. Finding a particular setting is quite easy because the structure of parameters is modeled closely to that of the relay software. In addition, special filters allow the relay settings to be imported directly from the relay manufacturer’s software.

The PTL test templates are developed by OMICRON experts and external specialists. The content of the library is continuously extended and maintained. Therefore users of the PTL can also benefit from the extensive application knowledge included in the test templates. The PTL test templates are customizable for specific needs and the XRIO converters can be used in user-created test plans as well as single tests.

The PTL is part of the Test Universe software DVD and available for free download in the Customer Area.

Key Characteristics of the Protection Testing Library (PTL)

  • Pre-prepared test plans and XRIO converters to save valuable time
  • Manual or automatic transfer of relay settings directly from the relay manufacturer’s software
  • Automatic calculation of relay characteristics, tolerances and test settings
  • Extensive application knowledge included in the PTL test templates
  • Test templates and XRIO converters customizable for individual requirements
16 Languages

Availability in 16 standard languages

The Test Universe software is available in 16 standard languages. Changing the system language is possible at any time just by selecting the requested language in the “language selection“. All languages are automatically installed; no installation of any additional software components is required.

Especially in international projects, clients many times wish to get a report in a different language than the commissioning engineer’s preferred working language. This is easily possible for all available standard languages. When the system language is changed and an existing test document is re-opened, the test report is automatically switched to the new system language set.


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