Materialise Mimics v26 and 3-matic v18 cracked

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Experience more scalable and effective personalization with updates in Mimics Innovation Suite, your medical image-based engineering toolbox. Take a look at what’s new, including additional AI-enabled automatic segmentation algorithms, smarter design tools, and a more intuitive user interface.


Increase efficiency with a more intuitive toolbox

Elevate project organization

Simplify object cutting

Access enhanced editing options

Merge parts faster

Work with partially visible parts easily

The updates of the Software include:

  • Increased level of precision described as that to Akeen to a surgeon’s scalpel. This is easier and more accurate when working with medical imaging data.
  • Fast generation of Surgical Guides including, drilling holes, flanges, cut slots, and guide bridges and the ability to connect files to hospitals PACS. This will make surgical planning faster and more accurate with health professionals being able to dedicate more time to patients and other preparations.
  • The toolbox in MIS 26 allows you to import medical image data (DICOM) and automatically create an accurate segment anatomy 3D model. These models are your starting point for advanced 3D analysis, personalized device design, Finite element meshing, and 3D printing. The easy transfer of data across platforms gives flexibility to the analysis that can be performed and insights that can be attained for research.
  • Display and navigation have improved more user-friendly and intuitive experience. Less time spent navigating and function view projects in augmented reality gives a conception of the model so users can more easily spot errors in their design and visual estimation.

These resources that are most relevant to the centre have the facilitation of anonymization, segmentation, and computational modelling of bones and muscles giving expertise centre members the skills needed to excel in the robotic healthcare industry and meet key goals of training technology systems to assist in accurate personalised patient care.

As part of our partnership, the centre is delighted to continue to collaborate with Materialise to offer further Mimics 26 training to their university partners in 2024 as a key resource for our development of surgical planning software and approaches to enhance personalised patient care.


Segment your anatomy effectively

Analyze anatomy accurately

Plan your procedure virtually

Automate your workflow

Materialise Mimics Innovation Suite

Industry-standard software for segmentation and anatomical analysis, planning, and design

Mimics Innovation Suite makes using 3D medical image data easy and rewarding for engineers and researchers who believe in improving care through technology that starts with anatomical geometry. Its advanced tools allow you to create and scale up your innovations for orthopaedic, cranio-maxillofacial, cardiovascular, and other clinical applications.

Benefits of Mimics Innovation Suite

Experience greater efficiency

Certify or publish with confidence

Fluently scale to clinical operations