Drillingsoftware LLC is a US registered company registered in Florida license number L14000046870.

We are dedicated to helping the man on the rig to get on with his job in a more efficient manner. We are made up of a group of oil field professionals working together to make your life easier.

Our aim is to give you the most sophisticated yet easy to use drilling and workover software on the market, ready to run on your present Excel application, and complete human to human 24/7 customer support which is second to none.

The roots started in 1992 when Iain Richmond C.E.O. decided to hang up his hard hat after over 30 years in the oil industry. The original idea was to give the men supervising drilling and workover rigs some good software to speed up calculations. Also to give them an accurate platform to base decisions on, All the original software was developed while working in the field in the days when you could write up a hydraulics program within 3k and run it on a B&W DOS 3 screen. With the progress into the present operation systems and applications the programs like everyone else’s moved up in sophistication and size.

From these early roots our software is in use in most oil producing countries around the world.

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