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  • Version 14.20 released
  • P&P sheets may now be created for multiple station ranges that you specify.

  • Structure Inset Views may be inserted in PLS-CADD.

  • Improved font kerning (spacing between characters) to make text widths more consistent across zoom levels.
  • Now support importing survey data from LAS version 1.3 and LAZ (LAS zip) files.
  • Improved code support with the addition of EN50341-2-9:2015 (UK NNNA), input overrides for Z0, Lm and Cc used with EN50341-1:2012 and a EN50341-3-2:2012 (Belgium NNA) wire gust response factor option.
  • And many more improvements described in the program change log…


  • Version 14.00 released – supports Windows 10
  • Structures can now be located by specifying their XY coordinates instead of stations along an alignment. XY Based Structures can coexist with station/alignment based structures (see the documentation and video).
XY Structures

  • Virtual Profiles can display a 3D view oriented and scaled to look like a profile view along a temporary virtual alignment. This enables working in a profile like view in XY Based Structure projects without alignments. It can also be useful to cut profiles through LIDAR data that doesn’t follow an alignment.
  • Added Inset Report View feature for display of tabular output from reports or external spreadsheets on a plan & profile sheet. Inset Report Views tied to PLS-CADD reports can be set to update automatically when new reports are generated or they can be static snapshots that do not change (watch the video).